Purchase dynamics

Purpose and basic concepts

This General Conditions of Use, Terms and Conditions of Sale and Privacy Policy (henceforth, "CU") regulate the use of the web page www.generalblake.com (henceforth, "the Web Page"), belonging to Explotaciones Agrícolas Páramo de Valdecuevas, SLU (henceforth, "Grupo Valdecuevas"). Explotaciones Agrícolas Páramo de Valdecuevas is a Spanish limited liability company having its main office in Plaza Martí y Monso, 5, 1º 47001 Valladolid (Spain), registered on the Company Register in Valladolid, Volume 129, Book 15, Section 2, Folio 22, Sheet 308, Registration 1, under Tax Identity Number B47027982. Valdecuevas provides by means of its web page www.generalblake.com useful information about its products and allows its customer to buy them online. It is however possible to get access to certain sections of the web page to any natural or legal person even if they do not get registered or start purchase procedures (henceforth, "the Users"). Regarding this, the Users who get access to those sections of the Web Page agree in using them according to the provisions included in the Terms and Conditions of this General Conditions of Use whenever they can be applied. Grupo Valdecuevas wants its Users to be aware of the fact that the Web Site is aimed exclusively to adults over 18 years old and that the European Unions is the territory where orders are accepted and shipped (henceforth, the "Territory").


All the prices of our products listed on the website are inclusive of VAT and any other relevant taxes. They also include the shipping charges for purchases made within the European Union. To find out more about shipping charges to other countries, please consult info@generalblake.com


Grupo Valdecuevas will make its best effort to satisfy its Users needs regarding products availability. However, some products may not be available on certain occasions due to reasons beyond our control, such as human errors or computer problems, even after the purchase product is finished. Being it the case, the user shall be duly informed by email and given notice of the total or partial cancellation of the order. Partial cancellation of an order due to lack of availability does not grant a total cancellation of the order. In case the user wanted to return delivered goods because of this cancellation, he/she shall act according to provisions in the Returns section.


Customers are obliged to pay once they have submitted their order. In addition to the initial price listed for each selected product, we will automatically add any additional fees for the relevant shipping charges should there be any. Those rates shall be nonetheless reported to the User before finishing the purchase. The receipt or proof of purchase shall be available and sent by means of email to the address submitted by the User when registering. The purchaser shall pay for the relevant order by means of credit or debit card -Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Visa Electron and/or other equivalent cards – or by Paypal system. The User shall notify any improper or fraudulent charge made to the card used for the purchase, by notice submitted through email or telephone call, at the shorter time possible, so Grupo Valdecuevas may be able to take duly measures.

Order completion

Once the order is completed, i.e.when the CU are accepted and the purchase is confirmed, Grupo Valdecuevas shall always send the User an email to confirm the details of the purchase.


Grupo Valdecuevas shall accept order cancellation when they are applied for before the end of the day of the purchase. Grupo Valdecuevas shall exclusively accept order cancellations IN THIS PERIOD OF TIME. To apply for the cancellation of your order, please, WRITE an email to info@valdecuevas.es with your request adding the proof of purchase to ensure you are the purchaser. Once the shipping is done, cancellation shall not be deemed possible due to the personal nature, destination and purpose of our products.

Time and place of delivery, loss

I. Delivery. Grupo Valdecuevas is commited to deliver the product in perfect conditions at the address the User notifies in the order form as long as it is located within the accepted Territory. We kindly request the User to use a delivery address available within normal working hours. The order shall be delivered in person in return for a signed receipt. Whether the User is not at that place at the moment of delivery, the shipping company shall leave notice to allow the User to establish contact and negotiate a new delivery date or place. The shipping company establishes the transport rates that appear in our website. Grupo Valdecuevas shall not be deemed responsible for any misdeed caused during the delivery process whenever the delivery address submitted at the order form is not right or lacks information.

II. Delivery date. Products shall be delivered within an average period of 3 – 5 working days within the Iberian Peninsula territory and 5 -10 working days for the rest of the Territory, being this a mere estimation. They may also vary depending on logistical difficultes or force majeure cases. In case of delay, Grupo Valdecuevas shall informe its clients as soon as it is aware of it. Every delivery shall be deemed completed at the moment when the shipping company provides the User with the product and the company confirms the fact by means of its control system. In case of delay for causes under Grupo Valdecuevas’s responsibility, the User shall be allowed to cancel his/her order in accordance with the procedures described in Section “Return Procedures”. It shall not be considered delays those cases in which the shipping company provides the User with the product within the agreed period of time but the product has not been delivered for causes under the User’s responsibility.

III. Delivery Data, Unsuccessful deliveries and Loss. Wether the User is absent at the moment of delivery, the shipping company shall leave notice to allow the User to establish contact and negotiate a new delivery date or place. When a new delivery appointment is not scheduled after 7 working days after the product firstly left for delivery, the User shall be entitled to contact Grupo Valdecuevas. If the User does not proceed as suggested, the product shall return to our stores after 15 working days since the product firstly left for delivery and the User shall be take charge of delivery expenses and return or the goods, as well as possible derived management expenses. If the order could not be delivered due to loss, our shipping company shall investigate the facts. Reaction periods in those cases may vary between one and three weeks.

IV. Diligent Delivery. It is advisable that the User checks the good conditions of the package at the moment of reception. Wether, once checked, the User detected any problem in the packet, such as shock, breackage, evidences that it has been opened or any further damage caused during shipping, the User is entitled to not accepting the package. The shipping company shall inform of this to Grupo Valdecuevas and, after confirming damanges, the User shall be entitled to have the purchase value returned or have the order newly placed.


The User may return any unsatisfying product at his/her own expense in a period of 7 working days from the delivery date. Grupo Valdecuevas shall only accept returns when the following conditions are met: 1. Products shall be in the same conditions as when it was delivered, keeping its original undamaged and sealed wrapping. 2. Shipping shall be done in the same package originally used or, in default, in another similar enough to ensure that the product shall arrive in perfect conditions. 3. 3.A copy of the delivery note/invoice shall be attached, including returned goods and reason for the return. With the purpose of easing the return of the product for the Users and the monitoring of the process, whenever the cause for return was responsibility of Grupo Valdecuevas (faulty product, wrong order, etc), this service shall be free of charge. For different causes (unsatisfaying products), Grupo Valdecuevas shall return the amount paid for the products but not the shipping expenses, which shall be deducted from the returned money depending on the amount. To apply for the return of your order, please, write an email to info@valdecuevas.es with the “subject” RETURN ORDER No. and specifying which products you would like to return within the returning time. You may also contact us by telephone no. +34098300330942. Grupo Valdecuevas shall contact the User as soon as possible.

Intellectual and industrial property

Grupo Valdecuevas has all rights on content, design and source code of this web page and particularly and including - but not limited to – photographies, pictures, texts, logos, designs, brands, commercial names and data included in this web page. Notice is given to the Users that all rights are protected by current Spanish and International Law on intellectual and industrial property. Without prejudice to this, the content on this web page is likewise considered a computer program and is hence under current Spanish and European regulations on the matter. It is absolutely forbidden to totally or partially reproduce this web page, not even through hyperlink, or any of its contents without specific and written consent by Grupo Valdecuevas. It is also forbidden to copy, reproduce, adapt, modify, distribute, sell, communicate publically and or any further action which may be considered to break current Spanish and/or International Laws on intellectual and industrial property, as well as the use of the web page contents without previous specific and written authorisation by Grupo Valdecuevas. Grupo Valdecuevas hereby informs that it shall not implicitly authorise or allow its intellectual or industrial rights to be used, or any other right or property directly or undirectly related with the contents in this web page.

Privacy policy on the protection of personal data

Users agree in surfing the web page and using its contents with good faith. In accordance to provisions in the Personal Data Protection Organic Act 15/1999, we give you notice of the fact that whenever a form is fulfilled in this web page valdecuevas.es or an email is sent to our mailboxes: 1.Your personal data shall be handled confidentially and become a part of our registers, belonging to Grupo Valdecuevas, to be managed and answered and for any commercial relation established between us, as well as for the notice of purchase made to the Grupo Valdecuevas, purchase delivery and interesting information on our new offers. 2.You are deemed to have accepted this privacy policy, as wells as granting us the authorisation to handle the personal data you have provided to us. Simply by visiting the web page, the Users do not provide us with any personal information nor is forced to do so. The web page server uses cookies to improve the service we render here at Grupo Valdecuevas. Those cookies shall authomatically be installed in any computer used by Members and users, but they do not register any personal information connected to them. Grupo Valdecuevas accepts that the registered data are right and accurate and have been registered by the holder or an authorised person. In accordance with current regulations on Data Protection, Grupo Valdecuevas has adopted the appropriate security leveles for the data provided by the Users and has also installed all measures and tools to avoid their loss, misuse, alteration, non authorised access or removal.

Exercising your access, ammendement, cancellation and opposition rights

Users’ data. It is the Users’ responsibility to upgrade their own personal details. At any time, the User shall exercise his/her right to access, ammend, cancel and oposite any personal detail included in the several register forms. To exercise this right, the registered member shall address Grupo Valdecuevas by means of an email or regular letter with address: Plaza Martí y Monso, 5, 1º 47001 Valladolid, Spain. The User is, therefore, responsible for the accuracy of his/her personal details and Grupo Valdecuevas shall not be responsible for its inaccuracy.


In case any of this CU is rendered null, the remaining clauses shall still considered valid and shall be interpreted in accordance with the parties’ will and the purpose of this CU. Grupo Valdecuevas may not exercise some of the rights and powers granted by means of this document - which in no case means a withdrawal to its rights except for a written notice on the matter by Grupo Valdecuevas prior to the relevant action appropriate depending on the case.

Modification on the conditions of use

Explotaciones Agrícolas Páramo de Valdecuevas S.L.U. reserves the right to modify at any moment the layout and configuration of the Web Site, as well as this General Conditions. Thus, Grupo Valdecuevas recommend the User to carefully read them any time he/she enters the Web Page. The Users shall always have this CU placed at a visible spot and available for any potential consultation. The acceptance of this CU shall be, nonetheless, an essential requirement previous to purchasing any good by this Web Page.